Danilo’s move to Real Madrid. Why so early?

Real Madrid announced last night a new arrival for next season. Three main reasons explain this early move of Porto’s right back wing Danilo: sport necessity, advantage over rivals and a FIFA sanction fear. First was Marcos Asensio from Mallorca. Another promise as Martin Ødegaard came from Norwegian team ‎Strømsgodset IF. After Lucas Silva joined Real from Brazilian champions Cruzeiro, and now a countryman of him has agreed to wear the white colour. Let’s go in an orderly way.

Arbeloa’s best playing days look gone. He served the club which occupies his heart with savagery, personality and loyalty. Defensive expert and just correct in the offensive facet, this season confirms what was foreseen in the last one: he doesn’t reach Real’s level anymore. Even if he can accomplish in a decent way, he will probably leave the team next summer. So this was a sport necessity for Los Blancos, which want to give Carvajal the same sane rivalry that Marcelo and Coentrão share.

In addition, a huge entity like them couldn’t let go a chance like this. Rich English clubs, PSG and Bayern Munich might try to sign him soon, and also the price could have been even higher if his Copa América next summer were good. With not so many players providing his quality, youth and profile, this was probably the best moment for the Spanish side to obtain the player.

Finally Real Madrid fears a FIFA’s ban if they come to the conclusion that Florentino Perez’s side has violate the International Federation rules indicated in Article 19 of the Regulation on the status and Transfer of Players, the same that prohibits transfer of children under 18 years. Just in case FIFA decide a veto like Barça’s currently suffering Real prefers to do their homework as soon as possible.

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